Wardrobe Tips For Your Rafting Adventure

River rafting is more than an excursion – it's an experience. Getting the most out of your rafting experience has everything to do with proper preparation. This is especially the case when it comes to your wardrobe. The wrong wardrobe will inhibit your ability to move freely while on the raft, which can lead to discomfort and even increase your risk of an injury. Make sure you know how to plan your wardrobe correctly.


Put your best foot forward with water shoes. As a general rule of thumb, if it's not a water shoe, you shouldn't be wearing it in the raft. Water shoes are designed not to retain water, which is especially important considering the high-levels of moisture you will come in contact with while on the raft.

Regular footwear will actually absorb the water and make for an uncomfortable experience. Additionally, once your adventure is over, all the retained water in the shoe increases the chance of fungus or mold forming inside. More importantly, regular footwear can weigh you down in the event you should fall out the raft and need to swim, which is a serious safety hazard.


Make sure you are bringing along sunglasses for your adventure. This is an important addition even if it's not an overly sunny day. The reality is that whenever the sun is present, there is always the potential for glare. Glare can significantly limit your field of vision. When on a raft, you aren't just there to ride.

Instead, you are a member of the operational and navigational team. In order to steer and guide the structure properly and safely, you need an unobstructed view of the area ahead of you. Sunglasses can help prevent glare from hampering your vision and keep you safer.


When it comes to the clothes you wear, flexibility is key. Don't wear anything that will hinder your movements. Clothing that restricts your movements won't just make it difficult for you to paddle, but in the event you fall off the raft, it will be hard for you to swim.

Ideally, you should be choosing a wetsuit as your outfit selection. Wet suits allow for greater flexibility and will keep you comfortable when wet. If you can't get a wetsuit, athletic gear layered over swim trunks or a one-piece bathing suit are great options.

Make sure you are properly prepared for your rafting experience. This won't just make for a more enjoyable adventure, but it will also better ensure your safety. Contact a business, such as Outland Expeditions, for more information.