Camping Cooking Essentials

Whether you plan on camping with all of the conveniences at an RV park, or roughing it out in the wilderness with just a tent and a backpack, you'll need some cooking essentials to make mealtimes easier. While you can just eat pre-packaged food while out in the woods, being able to cook a warm meal may come in handy, especially if you're planning on a long trip.

Even if you're primitive camping miles from civilization, you'll be happy to have a way to prepare your fresh-catch fish over an open fire. As long as you have a way to make a fire, you can prepare a nourishing, delicious meal anywhere. Here are some camping cooking essentials to consider when making your packing list:

1. Water Purifier Tablets or Filter 

While drinking water isn't cooking, you may need safe drinking water to make some of your wilderness meals. Depending on the type of purifier you buy, you can simply add a few drops or tablets to a bottle of river or lake water. The purifier will kill off any dangerous microbes that may cause sickness. You can also purchase a water bottle with a built-in purifier for convenience.

2. Lightweight Stainless Steel Pan

If you opt not to carry a purifier on your camping trip, boiling water before drinking it or cooking with it will also kill the harmful germs. To do this, you'll need a stainless steel pan that is durable yet lightweight enough to carry in your backpack. You can even find pans that collapse for easier packing. An alternative to a pan is a kettle, which you can also use to make tea or coffee.

A  pan will come in handy for making a hearty oatmeal breakfast or a quick batch of hot soup to warm your up on a cold day or night. 

3. Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

While a cast iron Dutch oven may be too heavy to carry if you're primitive camping and have to carry all of your belongings on your back from site to site, it may be the handiest camping cooking item. You can prepare everything from fried fish, scrambled eggs, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, quesadillas and even pizza in the oven.

Simply set the Dutch oven up on a stand over a campfire and allow the food to cook. The ovens' surfaces are naturally non-stick so you don't have to worry about cleaning up a burned mess after you eat.