3 Benefits Of Sending Your Teen To Overnight Camp This Summer

If you want your teen to get a great summer experience, you need to sign your teen up for camps this spring. One summer experience that you should seriously consider is sending your child to an overnight camp. Overnight camp gives your child an opportunity to learn how to work together with others and how to make new friends. It also gives your child a chance to learn how to be more independent.

Learn to Work Together with Others

Summer camp is not just a long list of activities to check off. Summer camp is an opportunity for your child to learn how to work with others in a variety of different of different situations. From working with others to keep their cabin clean to learning how to create a fire, or decorate their cabin for a camp-wide competition, your child will learn how to work together in a group setting and in small settings as well.

Your child will have to learn how to get along with the individuals in their cabin as well as their camp counselors and instructors. Summer camp will push and challenge your teen on how to thrive in a closed environment with others. These are great skills for your child to learn that will help them later in life.

Learn How to Make New Friends

Yes, your teenager probably has a lot of friends and people that they have known for years. However, going away to summer camp puts your child in a new environment where they have to learn how to make friends with people that they have not known forever. It also gives your child a chance to make friends who may have different interests, personalities, and backgrounds than the people that your teenagers are around all the time.

This is a great skill to have, as your child is going to find themselves in lots of situations in a few years where they will need to make new friends fast, be that college, a training program, or a new job. Overnight summer camp is a great place to develop the skill of making new friends quickly in new environments.

Learn How to be More Independent

Finally, going to overnight camp, away from home and away from their cell phone and social media, will give your teenager a chance to really learn how to be independent, and not just because they may learn how to light a campfire and set up a tent.

Your teenager is going to be responsible for taking care of themselves and remembering things such as brushing their teeth, making their bed, and finding time to do their laundry without reminders from you. Your teenagers are going to learn how to rely on themselves for getting important things done. This can be really eye-opening for your child; your child may realize how much you help them with day-to-day tasks and they may also learn how capable they are. Your teen will also have to learn how to create a support network around themselves when they are not close to home, another important survival skill.

Looking into overnight summer camps for your teen that match with some of your teen's interests. Overnight summer camps will help your child learn how to work well with others and make new friends in new environments, and should also help your child learn how to be more independent as well. 

For more information on co-ed summer camps in New England, contact your local camp counselors.